Friday, December 12, 2008


As a joke, I emailed this message to a friend when she asked me to remind her again of my birth date. I hope you'll laugh as much as she did over this silly message. It went like this...

"Okay, here it is folks. Mark it with a big fat purple pen. My birthday which should have been declared a national holiday but unfortunately it was overlooked - apparently the government had other little things to attend to like the national budget, health, immigration - like those things couldn't wait. Now listen up. This is a very important date - in fact, I'll be having a conference with the calendar people next week to discuss having it marked on all calendars, at least, all North American calendars. My birthday is December 15. And for those interested, the year of jubilee was 1952.

I'll be expecting truck loads of birthday cards to arrive on time - late cards will be returned to sender. Before rushing to the stores to Christmas shop my birthday card is to be purchased before all your big bucks are blown on gifts for family and friends. If you wish to tuck some colourful Canadian paper money inside the card, please feel free to do so - several bills will not increase the postage. Of course, only the large denominational bills will be acknowledged with a thank you card - purchased from a dollar store. Please do remember what you send each year, as I do not wish to receive the same old tired card year after year - do try to be original. Create your own card and verse to show how much you really care about me. Good ones will be stuck to the refrigerator door and exceptional ones will be framed. Dust off your thesaurus to find many wonderful words to describe me and what I truly mean to you and to society on the whole. Now I'll just sit back and put my feet up as I patiently wait for the postal trucks to roll in."

Remember that message was meant as a joke. May God keep me from ever becoming that arrogant.

My birthday is important to me. It's a special day because that's the day God made for me - in fact, He made me. And years later, March 1990, my spirit was awakened. After I realized and acknowledged (confessed) that I had inherited Adam and Eve's original sin (violated God's law) and harboured many of my own self-made sins, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Immediately my spirit was connected to my Creator and I felt a joy deep within me that has never diminished - even through difficult times. It was like a homecoming. That's when I was truly born - born again. No longer was I a hollow being with a void that nothing, no matter what I tried - and I tried many things - could satisfy. Jesus filled that void. I'm more than satisfied.

Now I'll go celebrate another birthday because I am live - truly alive - alive in Christ Jesus!