Friday, September 23, 2011

The Way In

One of the little century churches which I visited while gathering information to write a book was originally a Methodist Church. It later became a United Church named Miller Memorial, formerly known as Pleasant Point United Church.

A neighbour lady who had keys to the church unlocked the large wooden front doors, opened them wide and we entered. I studied the interior and took photographs and jotted notes. Then we went outside to take pictures. As I studied the church from the outside, I didn't see a steeple or a cross. That seemed strange to me since all the century churches I'd seen had steeples and crosses. I asked the lady about it. She assured me there was a cross and led me back to the front of the church. She shut the wooden double doors and there was the cross - carved into the front of the doors - half of the cross on each door making a complete full cross when the doors were closed.

What a glorious message! We search high and low for joy and hope and there it is in plain view just as that cross on the doors of that little church. The way to God's heavenly sanctuary, to life eternal, is through Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life. Salvation is free and within easy reach for all. Ask for forgiveness for your sins, knock on the door and it will be opened to you. Unlike the doors on that century church which are kept locked, God's door is never locked.

John 14:6

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